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Updated: Nov 14, 2018

Meet J'nai Gaither, the co-host of Sip On This.

Welcome to Sip On This! I'm J'nai Gaither and I work as a food and wine writer and copywriter. As a writer, my work has appeared in Eater, Plate Magazine, DiningOutChicago, New York Magazine and various other publications.

As a copywriter, my work has been represented by Amy's Kitchen, Sargento Cheese and Popsicle. I love telling the stories of these longstanding, storied and admired brands.

Let's make talking about wine as easy as talking to your best friend!

I love working in Napa and Sonoma and sharing my wine knowledge with everyone. Recently, I worked harvest in Sonoma County and gained greater insight into the science and production of wine-making.

Wine is such an interdisciplinary discipline and you can learn so much from it.

I studied Chinese language and literature at Carleton College and The Claremont Colleges. Right now, I am working toward becoming the first black Master of Wine.

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